Police warn Occupy CBN Group against planned protest

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THE Federal Capital Territory (FCT) police command has warned of the consequences of the plan by a group identified as Occupy CBN, which is threatening to shut down operations at the national headquarters of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Abuja, today.

Spokesman of the command, Anjuguri Manzah, said the group had neither written to inform or notify the command of its intention, adding also that it had not secured any approval from the Commissioner of Police authorising it to do so.

Speaking on Thursday, Manzah said based on the foregoing, the command reiterated that while it would continue to be professional in discharging its constitutionally assigned roles in accordance with international best practices, especially as it relates to the fundamental rights of citizens, it would not fold its arms and watch the members of the group embarrass the nation by attempting to close down operations at a critical national facility like the CBN.

“The command wants to further reiterate that because of the sensitive nature of the CBN Headquarters, it will not allow any assemblage of individuals or group of persons around the facility.

“Consequently, leaders and members of the OccupyCBN group are warned to jettison their plan and explore legitimate avenue to channel their grievances and misgiving to the appropriate authorities,” he said.

Manzah further warned that any gathering in contravention of the advice would amount to an unlawful assembly, adding that those arrested in the act would be prosecuted in accordance with the appropriate sections of the law.

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